MARIAM: 9 months in Estonia

Time flies so fast. It is hard to realize my 9-months volunteering project in Estonia came to an end, and I am already back home. Looking back, I remember all the steps I had to take during these unforgettable months. Sending an application to the coordinating organization, getting an interview with the hosting organization, receiving a letter of acceptance, all the preparations for departure, tons of documents, checking all Covid-19 regulations that were changing so fast, etc. And then already the airport, several flights, and finally to my final destination – my lovely Tallinn. I spent two amazing years in this wonderful city, and I already call Estonia my second homeland. When you step into this country, it will definitely leave unforgettable memories in your mind. 

What volunteering project gave to me? Lots of experience, possibilities, and memories. If I could back, I would definitely take the same road in my life again in a heartbeat. I think everyone should experience the same. Everyone should open their heart to new challenges and chances. 

There were difficult days as well. Days when I was feeling tired or lonely, and that is absolutely normal! Even these bad days taught me great life lessons! The most important is that there were lots of funny and happy days, bright memories! 

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for creating these possibilities! Thanks to all involved organizations, my colleagues, and my friends! You all gave me the chance to have these wonderful months in my life! 

If you are reading this now and are still thinking about whether to apply or not to be a volunteer, please do not miss this life-changing opportunity! Get maximum out of it, contribute and enjoy!

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