Carolyn Mets
Poola, 12 kuud


Mina olen Carolyn, olen Eestimaa südamest pärit neiu, kes alustas enda vabatahtliku teekonda 1. oktoobril 2020 Krakovis, Poolas, ja veedan siin terve aasta ehk 12 kuud! Töötan kultuuriklubis Mydlniki, ning minu igapäevasteks ülesanneteks on sotsiaalmeedia haldamine, sündmuste mõtlemine, töötubade läbiviimine, Eesti kultuuri edendamine ja muidugi nende kultuuri õppimine! Elan koos viie vabatahtlikuga Krakovi vanalinnas ja minu tegemistel saad silma peal hoida siin blogis!

Kirke Saarnits
Gruusia, 11 kuud

We will find out soon! 🙂


Mariam Maisuradze
Saku, 7 kuud


I am Mariam Maisuradze from Georgia. The next 7 months of my life I will spend in Estonia and volunteer at the Saku Youth Center. During the volunteering service, I will be actively involved in the daily activities of the youth centre, will spend a lot of time with kids and will contribute as much as possible.

Also, in the frame of this project, I will have a chance to learn Estonian and I am more than excited for this wonderful opportunity!

In 2019-2020 lived in Tallinn and studied International Relations and European Integration at the Estonian School of Diplomacy. Hence, it will be my 2nd year that I will spend in this amazing country.

I deeply believe that volunteering service at Saku Youth Centre will bring me a new experience, new skills, new opportunities, as well as a chance to contribute to youth activities.

Finally, my self-isolation period ended successfully (tested negative for COVID-19!). Therefore, I am fully ready to start a new adventure in my life!

Yana Karabut
Põltsamaa, 11 kuud


I am Yana Karabut. Half a year I live in the huge industrial city Chelyabinsk in the center of Russia and another half in the mountain village near the largest Russian ski resort Sochi.

I love acting, creating things and events, reading, sketching, and traveling! I work as a ski and snowboarding instructor, event organizer in kids and youth centers, content manager, photographer.

ESC is a great opportunity to feel the country, its people, and culture from inside. I am looking forward to getting an experience of working with youth in European society and sharing my knowledge, ideas and thoughts.

I’ve already had experience in Work&Travel, Au pair, workaway programs, so ESC is the next step in the process of discovering life, people, and myself.

Ilja Humeniuk
Saue, 10 kuud


My name is Ilja and I come from Ukraine.

I like to travel and discover new places.

During the volunteer period, I want to learn Estonian culture, language and create some intercultural events at the Saue Youth Center where I’m a volunteer.

I hope that the lockdown period comes to end ASAP and we come back to normal life with different activities.

Merve Muhsine Türkan
Hageri, 12 kuud


I’m Merve from Turkey. I’m 29 years old. I have a Master’s degree in development psychology.

I’m curious about getting to know new people and different cultures. 

Before I’m 30 I want to gain different life experiences. So I applied for the ESC programme and I was accepted as a new volunteer at the Hageri Youth Center.  Also I’ll work here in kindergarten and nursing home too.

Angelina Skibisnkaya
Pärnu, 11 kuud


My name is Angelina but I usually go by Lina. I came to Estonia from Siberia to become an ESC volunteer in Audru Youth Center.

If you ask me to find three words to describe myself, I would say an Educator, a Cross-Cultural Initiator and a Self-Starter. I have a strong interest in cross-cultural communication and international projects, youth empowerment, education, and Arts and Crafts. I am a devoted English and Russian language teacher but there is always room to learn, grow and improve at every age. I am a keen traveller, I enjoy learning about countries from the inside, that is why I love taking chances to live, work, study or volunteer abroad. I love collecting pamphlets and cards from different sides of the world and send cards to my friends. I have a huge collection so far, hope to get one from Estonia soon!

As for my hobbies I am obsessed with different forms of Art. I love learning about Art, discussing Art and making Art. Teaching Arts and Crafts is very special and meaningful to me. I believe that the process of making art is much more exciting than even the result. I also enjoy dancing, doing yoga, taking long walks, going hiking and swimming.

Volunteering in Estonia gives a great opportunity to become a part of international community of active young people with the same values with me. I want to challenge myself in different spheres, I want to learn new things.