HESHAM: A lot to learn, A lot to discover

Greetings from Pärnu, Estonia. I am Hesham from Jordan and I came here to Estonia around three months ago for a one-year volunteering project at Sauga Youth Centre. I am a mechanical engineer who worked in different fields including Energy, Environment, and project management in Jordan and Romania. Volunteering since the age of 17, and actively involved in youth work since 2013. Let’s start from the beginning, After I finished my master’s study last January, I’ve been looking for something different, something new, adventurous, and exciting, so, spending one year in this fascinating country is an optimal live experience. I got motivated to come here due to the great history, culture, and landscapes of this country. Furthermore, Enormous skills and competencies can be developed through this project, and it’s a way to widen my horizon. 

Let’s talk about the city where I live, Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia, such a lovely and cozy city. Has brilliant nightlife during summer, and the beaches are irresistible. People here are really friendly, and truly you can find whatever you’re looking for here in Pärnu. What can you do in Pärnu? Well, in this City a lot of things can be done. You can chill at the lovely beaches of Pärnu, Swim in the Baltic Sea, enjoy the city and nature by cycling around, visit the spas and saunas in winter, go to the cinema, and play bowling, and much more things. 

Moving to talk about my project and work, well, I work at the Youth Center 30 hours a week. It’s a good experience here, meeting with all the youngsters and supporting them in different areas. The work environment is cool, many activities can be done for the youngs, such as educational games, treasure hunts, some trips, and hobby classes. Working here will help to improve my youth work skills, and every day is an opportunity to learn.

Still, a lot to learn in this Journey, nine months left, and hopefully would be full of excitement and knowledge. Lastly, Estonia is such a beautiful country, there are many cities really worth visiting, and by being a volunteer here, visiting these cities is a must, I believe. Camping in one of the forests, or hiking in a national park it’s a great experience. Moreover, visiting Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi, and Narva is a unique experience. So yes, I’m happy with the experience I get here, it gave me the chance to meet amazing people, discover the wonders of this country, and learn a lot from my work!!

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