ZVIAD: My first month in Estonia

Hi everyone!

I have a name that is mostly known only in my home country: Zviad Kadaria. I am from Georgia, the country between Europe and Asia, neighboring four other countries in the region. I have worked for several organizations in my home country, including international organizations. Now I am volunteering at the youth center in Estonia. The place where children have fun after school hours.

This is the first time for me in Estonia and the EU. About me, I am the guy who loves music, Punk music, I have been listening to the genre for a long time. I am friendly and love people who are nice to others. It has been 18 days since I am in Estonia and this far I was able to get to know Estonia a little bit. People here are trying to be friendly to newcomers and others permanently staying here. It is strange for me that at this summertime nights are almost as light as days and also the weather is most of the time not very hot and chilling. Also would like to mention that nature is amazing.

I would like to share some advice: visit Estonia!


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