MARIAM: My journey in Estonia

Six months have passed since I started my volunteering service in Estonia and it means that my amazing journey in this wonderful country is soon coming to an end… Looking back, I can undoubtedly say that it worthed for it. There have been a lot of challenges, lots of cold days, but a still wonderful journey and unforgettable memories. To my mind, volunteering service is not only about giving and contributing, it is also about gaining a lot of new skills, new people in your life, and very valuable life experience. Unfortunately, everything has its end, so does my volunteering service. On another point, it means that I will open a door to new experiences and challenges in my life.

I am often asking myself, how these 6 months impacted me? Did I change for the better? What life lessons and experiences did I get? I am still in the process of getting answers to my questions, though one thing that I know for sure is that – I grew up a lot. Living in a foreign country, taking full responsibility for your own life, working in an international community, contributing where it is needed are the things that help you become a better and more independent version of yourself.

I will be very fair and honest if I say that I also had some difficult days. Days when I was feeling lonely and alone very far from my family and friends. Though I was also realizing that it was completely normal and I was not giving my thoughts a chance to let me down.

If someone still doubts whether they want to take the same life path and do a volunteer service and is reading the post-I am telling to you, do not miss this life-changing opportunity.

I still do not know where this journey will take me and how things will go on in my life after finishing my service, but pretty sure that a lot of bright days are ahead!

Winter was very hard in Estonia… I went through many, many cold, snowy, or windy days, but Estonia is having one very unique character. It still can be very sparkling and majestic even on very cold and dark days. Though these days left behind, trees became greener, the air became warmer, days became longer. It means that many unforgettable and adventurous days are still ahead!


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