ANGELINA: Get to know me

My name is Angelina but I usually go by Lina. I came to Estonia from Siberia to become an ESC volunteer in Audru Youth Center. 

If you ask me to find three words to describe myself, I would say an Educator, a Cross-Cultural Initiator and a Self-Starter. I have a strong interest in cross-cultural communication and international projects, youth empowerment, education, and Arts and Crafts. I am a devoted English and Russian language teacher but there is always room to learn, grow and improve at every age. I am a keen traveller, I enjoy learning about countries from the inside, that is why I love taking chances to live, work, study or volunteer abroad. I love collecting pamphlets and cards from different sides of the world and send cards to my friends. I have a huge collection so far, hope to get one from Estonia soon! 

As for my hobbies I am obsessed with different forms of Art. I love learning about Art, discussing Art and making Art. Teaching Arts and Crafts is very special and meaningful to me. I believe that the process of making art is much more exciting than even the result. I also enjoy dancing, doing yoga, taking long walks, going hiking and swimming. 

Volunteering in Estonia gives a great opportunity to become a part of international community of active young people with the same values with me. I want to challenge myself in different spheres, I want to learn new things.


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