ANGELIQUE: French volunteer @Vastseliina Youth Center 01.09.2019-31.10.2020

Keila Joa, üks Angelique’i lemmikkohti

Ma olen Angelika. Ma olin 14 kuune vabatahtlik Vastseliina Noortekeskus. Mida ma saan ütlema?Ma armastan Eestimaa. Mulle meeldib tema loodus, mets ja inimeste loomus.

How to summarize a 14 months adventure in one blog page?

This is my challenge. Challenge accepted.

This is a love story. A story of a woman coming to a country she knows almost nothing about and the more and more she discovers, the more she wants to get to know it and to spend time in it.

Estonia. Even its name is already a call for poetry. Like an untouched paradise, a delicate sensation of a little braise, this small country invited me with open arms and I can’t decide to leave it.

I came to discover a new culture and a new way to work with kids, got to experience all of it, and even more!

Why Estonia?

This is a question that I have heard a lot. People seem shocked, especially Estonian, that I decided to come to live here. But when you speak with foreigners, a lot of them, who at one point came here to study, to volunteer or work, they never left or come back later to stay. Estonia has something magical that is difficult to describe, a peaceful environment, an amazing culture, and sense of creativity, generous and humble people.

I am still amazed about all the things I could participated, proposed and discovered during these months. I learned both knowledges as personnally.

I am glad that I could begin to pursue my dream. I love art, especially performing arts like dance or drama, and I was able to carry out art exploration workshops about photography, dance, music, and drama to local kids as well as doing some kind of exploration art therapy with my friends. Each of us proposed exercises connected to different arts.

Arts workshop

I also assisted the video teacher and participated in the center’s activities, taught French sessions and French recipes as an introduction to vegan food, also created a blind restaurant and some arts and crafts workshops like a Christmas set, DIY board games, birthday cards, etc…

“Pime” restoran (“blind” restaurant)

I also did French at the local school two times with different classes, helped out with a drama camp, and loved helping out friends in their gardens to promote sustainability.

One of my favorite experiences was when I was interviewed by a Brazilian guy living in Estonia who is making a documentary about how it is to live in Estonia. He focused on a perspective from a foreigner’s point of view of how it is to live in Estonia. It was done for the European day of languages to raise awareness about different languages.

I tried to learn Estonian and can now express myself a bit but I definitely wanted to gain a better level. As I am still living in Estonia, I hope to keep learning some new vocabulary and be able to learn more and more with time.

I met amazing people, discovered nice food, and a way of being myself in a way that I like. I love the fact that Estonian people are respectful of each other mental as physical space. It is just nice to be able to be close by people but having the possibility to not speak without feeling embarrassed or having to justify yourself.

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