RUBEN: My experience in Estonia

I am Rubén, and I have done year-long volunteering in a youth center in Estonia. It has been a very enriching experience during which I had the opportunity to get to know another culture in-depth. And not only the culture of the hosting country, since during volunteering you get to be in contact with volunteers from all over Europe.

The work has been very rewarding and entertaining, mainly it has consisted of playing with the boys and girls as well as organizing special activities such as craft workshops or games with which to introduce them to a bit of your culture or your knowledge about a subject. In addition, you have several free days in which you can visit the country, meet other volunteers or do whatever you like.

During the summer months, the youth centers are closed so other activities such as camps, festivals, etc., are carried out. This helps to prevent volunteering from becoming monotonous.

Finally, to say that in long-term volunteering, you receive on arrival training and another halfway through the volunteering (with all expenses paid), both have a duration of about four days, and you get to live with other volunteers. It helps to understand the work of volunteering, your responsibilities, and your rights as a volunteer, and it also allows you to enjoy the days that you will undoubtedly remember.

I hope you are encouraged to live the experience for yourselves.


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